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Loud Silences, Whispering Hearts – a Poem by Lema Abeng-Nsah

Written for loved ones that drifted apart when communication ended…

Loud Silences, Whispering Hearts, poem

by Lema Abeng-Nsah

Down memory lane to
the hustle & bustle of town square
where we met many evenings with a basket full of flowers
Only to find us backing away
somewhere down cold, cold boulevard

Yesterday we were friends, today we behave as strangers
Silence stands between us
Silence is no longer empty,
sending us spinning & spinning into an abyss of nothingness

I do not understand it, my heart no longer comprehends…
How do you expect me to decipher that which was never said in full?
to recognize what you did not take time to explain?

How do you expect me to wait in a place so cold and empty?
How does one read words that have recently faded into obscurity?

How do you expect me to sing, the lyrics have long been forgotten
I see the writing on the wall, all fuzzy and confusing…
Yes I hear you Silence…but I can no longer interpret it

Our highs were high,
the lows have been kinda low lately;
I am no longer running, but pushing through and sprouting
much like Beautiful Rose in the yard, whose petals burst forth in springtime

The yearning for word-spoken is strong as man’s hunger for love
Ah what a difference Something-Said would’ve surely made,
For a heart capable of loving, beats for words that heal

Silence has not made the heart fonder,
Silence has questioned what we
may have never had

Silence has taught us to live apart,
drifted to ends separate and far

But silence was never wasted,
For the heart no longer whispers…
She is learning to sing a happier, joyful song.

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