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Butterflies Upon My Heart – a Poem by Lema Abeng-Nsah

Welcome to the first “poem” I ever wrote and thank you for reading. Butterflies Upon My Heart is written for anyone who has ever fallen in love, and lost (even before experiencing love)… then realizes that life goes on.

I dedicate this poem to all my ladies; you are all ‘woman’ – working hard, loving hard, laughing hard, sometimes crying hard.

I hope to include Butterflies Upon My Heart in a book of short inspirational writings that I’m working on. It is written from the heart.

Butterflies Upon My Heart, poem by Lema Abeng-Nsah

by Lema Abeng-Nsah

Upon sturdy shoulders you lifted me up
To behold the beauty of world that surrounded us
Your arms like envelops of acceptance, they protected me
In the rhythm of your heartbeat, love melodiously sang;

Blue colored waves upon white sandy shores
Bright shooting stars cascading through soft dark clouds
Nature stood still as earth birthed love
—and butterflies sluggishly awoke from slumbers long and sweet.

My heart was beating faster each time I heard your voice
Inching closer and closer, our bonds began to form…

Fond laughs and pleasant conversations scribbled on and on;
A journey once started, its consequences ohh inevitable
Like butterflies upon my heart,
unexplainables morphed into dreamy tomorrows

Then seasons changed, and affections shifted
Delicate upon dove’s wings, promises-made soon floated away
In the silence of your absence our dreams continued to grow
Watered by angelic streams of plans we both made in faith;

Now worlds apart, this bond refuses to break
The music our souls made tugging at these heart strings of mine,
Like butterflies upon my heart,
the invisible has become inVINcible

Glowing smiles of courage shining through shrouding mists of regret,
Beautiful seeds of friendship that may bloom where love once dwelled,
as the ticking of time ushers in brighter tomorrows
…and caution meets winds while we simply live life;

If wishes were horses, dreams would forever last
The gentle flapping of butterfly wings shall always remind me of you,
For a true connection of hearts is pretty hard to break
And the birthing of true love seems to be an everlasting event
—Like butterflies upon my heart, your love is, yes, eternal

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