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A Few Smart Ways To Cut Down On Household Expenses


A buck saved these days sure goes a long way. If you feel like the money you work so hard for seems to go right back out the door, you are not alone. Most folks find themselves in this predicament.

Here are a few ways to help you save money at home:

  • Trim down on bills

Take the time to examine monthly bills and cut out the unjustifiable. Cable, internet, phone, credit card and utility bills add up some for most people. Exercise discipline and cut down on those you deem to be unnecessary. You sure will feel a great deal of relief.

  • Stock up on items you use frequently

Toilet tissue, laundry detergent, candles (for candle lovers), paper towels, diapers, non-perishable foods e.g. cereals, sugar, noodles, etc are often cheaper when purchased in bulk. Moreover, they are readily available whenever needed. Stock-up and spare yourself some frustration… and maybe even a mid-night trip to the store when you realize you are down to the last one or have completely ran out just when you badly need them.

  • Use rechargeable batteries

Remote controls, kids’ toys, other household gadgets run on batteries. Replacing these batteries takes a good chuck out of most household budgets. Why not invest in rechargeable batteries?  These batteries and their chargers require a small upfront investment (about $100) but would save you lots in the long run.

  • Install water filters

Are you one of those who heads straight for the ‘pure water’ isle at the grocery store or the local convenient store? Think again and head to the ‘water filter’ aisle at your neighborhood home improvement store for durable, affordable water filter systems that suit your needs . You get same clean water and pay a lot less for it.

  • Go compact

Buy compact fluorescent light bulbs, instead of the regular tungsten filaments we have become accustomed to. These coiled up looking bulbs have been proven to be more energy efficient, i.e. they last longer and use less energy.

  • Seek out multi-function cleaning solutions

Keeping our homes clean sure is unavoidable and not particularly fun for most people, but who says we can’t enjoy saving money while we’re at it? Cleaning supplies expenses can add up quite a bit. But there are certain options we can explore to cut down cost, for example using products that are not primarily labeled ‘cleaning products’ to do the job.

While baking soda is well known for its swelling effects on bread, it can also be used to freshen up your refrigerator(it absorbs odors). Baking soda removes carpet stains when sprinkled on fresh stains, left overnight and vacuumed the next day. Baking soda when mixed with scentless detergent gives laundry a clean fresh smell.

Dryer sheets on the other hand used primarily to help laundry smell fresh when tossed into the dryer, can also be used to repel ants when placed on window sills or anywhere in a room, and to remove soap scum from tubs and sinks.

Vinegar has the useful effect of keeping vegetables clean and fresh; also, it can be mixed with water to remove smells from furniture, carpets and water deposits from shower heads. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar helps unclog your drains – pour in and flush with hot water after 15 minutes.

Plug the money drains in your home and start saving!

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