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Style and Elegance with a Message: Hetra Clothing


Hetra Clothing

HetraClothing, a Philadelphia fashion company is incorporating “beautiful, ornate Arabian artwork that is noted for its geometric shapes, floral designs and calligraphy” in t-shirt, scarves and dress designs that empower young people. Hetra Clothing aims to bridge the gap between cultures.

Established in 2012 in Philadelphia, Hetra has been successfully integrating the Arabian culture with the modern Western lifestyle, producing a truly amazing fusion of sweeping collections. “Our logo design has been inspired by the image of a scarab. In ancient Egyptian culture, the scarab symbols both eternity and good luck, which are Hetra brand’s conceptual pillars. By merging the ancient cultural message with the modern Western design, Hetra is sending out a strong message of positivism, optimism and hope.”

Hetra Clothing

“Hetra targets self-conscious young people. Our designs project a contemporary, clean and aesthetic vision, creating an exclusive personal image. The high-end collections we offer reflect a strong enthusiasm for style, but do not exceed the lines of restrained affluent elegance. It is essentially a brand that enables the young generation to look and feel elegant,” says Hanan Alalawai, company founder and Philadelphia resident for 20 years.

Hetra Clothing

The brand focuses on integrity and elegance. “The name Hetra is the Southern Saudi word for cloth, but it also embodies the spirit and vision of Western cultures. This unique and unusual multicultural assembling is what sets us apart and what gives our designers their exclusive creative touch … Hetra has built its brand on the belief that the value of clothes lies far deeper than their first look. We vow to remain true to this unique vision, continuing our success through diversity, quality and growth,” says Ms. Alalawai.

The company’s products are entirely online at www.hetraclothing.com

Social media:
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/hetraclothing/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/hetraclothing


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