There is no doubt that we now live in times when technological strides have enabled snap-of-the-finger communications, yet many more users of these instantaneous tools know even less about the neighbor next door. The world – once so big to the human eye – is now called a global village, yet many tend to forget that no one lives in a bubble and the very activities we engage in have an effect on others.

Such paradoxes of our times often inform us of the differences that set us apart from each other. They speak to what we dislike about the next person, another ethnic or racial group, the other religion, the other culture, the next country, and the other continent. The presumption is that the drama of conflict sells,  and all of us humans are sponsors of it in one way or another.

These generalized statements are not only perilous, they are misleading as to the voices of a silent majority  who have been thirsting for that which binds the human race, that which is good in us, and that which informs our curiosity about how others tackle the challenges they face and the things that make them who they are.

DUNIA, translated in many languages as “Global” or “World”, is an answer to the yearnings of that majority that have questions about the cultural values of other continents, countries, ethnicities, races, religions, preferences, etc, but have found themselves stuck with the misleading agendas of the traditional media outlets with nowhere to turn.

DUNIA Magazine is betting that as we educate ourselves more about the “other”, and what makes them tick, misunderstandings that often lead to unnecessary frictions even in our daily interactions will be curbed.

Indeed, the connecting thread is that in more cases than we currently care to acknowledge, we desire the same things for our families and communities – clean drinking water, good health, affordable food, a sound education, a nice home, and good jobs to provide these needs and satisfy our varying wants. How we go about achieving these goals becomes fodder for DUNIA Magazine – hence, “The Reader’s Magazine” – because we shine the light on your story and prevailing circumstance.

DUNIA Magazine seeks to connect worlds. Greatness is a universal concept shrouded by stereotypes, negativity, limiting beliefs and notions of inferiority and superiority. We are beyond the idea that we’re better than others and when we start to peel away every layer of misconception, we will all be the better for it, globally. That’s the drive behind this colorful, entertaining and multicultural magazine.

The magazine is available in print and digital versions. Meanwhile DuniaMagazine.com keeps you inspired, informed and entertained daily.

Through its Women Are Core initiative, DUNIA also embraces humanitarian causes, especially those concerning women and children in dire situations across the world.

Get connected, stay connected.

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