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Print Magazine: featuring Arab Fitness Model MAYA NASSAR

Welcome to the 13th Edition of DUNIA Print Magazine.

The New Year is around the corner. Join us in ushering in 2018 with colorful bells and whistles! The theme of this Issue is “Be Unafraid To Pronounce Yourself in 2018”.

We are happy to present the incredibly inspiring story of American-born Dutch/Lebanese MAYA NASSAR. Maya has an extraordinary story, as she is the first Lebanese (Arab) government endorsed fitness bikini athlete in history. Maya’s interview for DUNIA Magazine by Denver Beaulieu-Hains includes questions about her transformation from obesity to fitness model, how she has been able to overcome cultural barriers on her journey, the importance of her government’s endorsement, dealing with pregnancy, some of her cultural values, and more.

In this issue, you get to travel the world through the pages Of DUNIA… to Malaysia where Nik A Ramli shares a warm conversation with one of the country’s iconic entertainment personalities. Aletha Warren discusses coaching tips to be a better you in the new year, Tariq Mehmood’s short stories will leave you chuckling, tearing up and thinking deep all at the same time. Experience a beautiful African inspired fashion spread, enjoy photos and stories of some of the world’s striking touristic destinations, and more.

Being unafraid to pronounce yourself in 2018 means a healthy you, a happy you, an informed you!… all included in this exciting 13th Edition of DUNIA Print Magazine.

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