Ashes In Art Creates Lasting Memorials of Lost Loved Ones in a Stunning Way

A Sussex based glass studio has launched a new venture that allows people to celebrate lost loved ones in a unique and lasting way with cremation jewellery and glass art memorials created by Ashes In Art, Worthing. What makes them different is that they are the only company in the world that have both glass and jewellery experts as owners.

“We’re a small team of master craftsmen that makes stunning cremation jewellery and glass wall art from cremation ashes,” said Siobhan Jones, Ashes In Art Founder. “Our unique and contemporary pieces make everlasting tributes for lost loved ones and provide great comfort and reassurance each and every day. Our team of jewellery and glass experts make each piece by hand and to order, making each and every piece unique. We welcome you with open arms and a cup of tea at our beautiful gallery where we can show you in person what we do.”

Siobhan Jones is a leading contemporary fused glass artist and is also the founder of Siobhan Jones Designer Glass. Tara Coomber is a master jewellery with work in the V&A, Ashmolean and Birmingham Museums. Ashes In Art grew from the many requests for commissions to celebrate the deceased with a lasting memorial. Ashes In Art takes a very small amount of ashes and encases them into specialised glass that is turned into bespoke glass art work or set into their handmade rings, pendants or charms.

Ashes in Art jewellery

Each specialised creation is treated with the respect and reverence it deserves. Individuals can choose from multiple ranges of glass art and jewellery and can commission bespoke pieces. The cremation ash gemstones are available in multiple colours and settings are offered in all precious metals.

Ashes in Art seascape

The process takes approximately four weeks to complete. Memorial wall art comes complete with fixtures and each cremation jewellery item comes with complimentary engraving. The artisans at Ashes In Art believe that all life is precious and understand that animals are equally as special, therefore all pieces can also be made with pet cremation ashes.

Ashes in Art kitchen

Ashes In Art is a new leader in the creation of cremation jewellery and memorial glass art work, providing individuals with a highly specialised and unique way to honour the memory of a loved one. Ashes In Art provide people with timeless and shining tributes to the life and love of the most special people and pets in their life.



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