The LUX Elites: Top Five Professionals to Watch (Edition One)

The LUX Elites is an exclusive, invitation-only ‘Top Five Professionals to Watch’ List, produced by LUX Atlanta (a branch of LUX Global) and published by DUNIA Magazine.

Every few months, LUX Global will be introducing 5 individuals… 5 Unique Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Public Figures… 5 individuals who are the crème de la crème in their respective industries.

The LUX Elites Edition One:

Top Five Professionals to Watch, Darius Robinson

Darius Robinson
NFL Player
CEO, Bosses United International

Darius Robinson is most known for his football background. Having playing sports since the age of 8, Darius grew up as a 3-sport athlete. Due to his hard work and dedication he earned a spot in the NFL where he played defensive back. Darius received his undergrad from Clemson University, a top 25 public institution in the United States. Although to many he is an athlete, to Darius he is much more. He is savvy, ambitious, innovative, and has a well-rounded repertoire.

In 2014, Darius started his most appreciated business Bosses United International. Bosses United International is a network of influential entrepreneurs who come together for prosperity and success. Bosses United International The Brand, supports the modern youth in the development of their education for designing a better life, which helps to create a better place for the leaders of tomorrow.

As of recent, Darius has been moving around but has finally made a conscious decision to make Atlanta his home again. “Atlanta is great resource for young professionals, especially for the black demographic.” Darius is also in the process of writing a book, he wouldn’t say much about it but calls it “intimately deceitful”. Moving forward, Darius Robinson hopes to move in the direction of fulfilling his purpose while inspiring others as he grows into a more complete man. He stated that love is what he stands on, legacy is what drives him, and grace is what guides him.

Top Five Professionals to Watch, AZ Yeamen

AZ Yeamen
Founder: Content Creator of Atlanta Awards, Bridge17 Screenwriters Studio

Founder and owner of the CCAA (Content Creators of Atlanta Awards), A.Z. Yeamen knows quite a bit about bridging the gap in the entertainment world. In addition to founding the CCAA, Yeamen is also a writer and the owner of Bridge 17, a script-writing studio located in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

As a writer who relentlessly works with her peers on a daily creative level, she knows exactly how valuable independent artists, their work, and ideas are to the world.

There is no better way to share, acknowledge and reward such work than with an awards gala specifically tailored to extraordinary individuals. The Content Creators of Atlanta Awards gala takes place annually.

Top Five Professionals to Watch, Mbole Ekaney

Mbole Ekaney
Founder: The HotJem Media and Business Group

Mbole Ekaney is an ambitious and forward thinking professional with experience in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry in the area of drug development. Additionally, as a Cameroonian who grew up in the US, difficulty in finding information on emerging Cameroonian entertainers, celebrities, fashion, arts and culture, products etc. online led to her passion to discover and/or promote potential and existing brands and businesses particularly from Africa (with slightly more focus on Cameroon), made her to dive into the digital media world and eventually creating The HotJem MBG, a company that consults and works with start-ups, entrepreneurs (new and experienced), businesses, brands, public figures, regardless of their industry, to promote their products, services and brands.

Mbole is also Founder and Publisher of The HotJem ( – an online media platform/online magazine that is popular among Cameroonians and that connects Africans globally to Cameroon and Africa by promoting and showcasing everything from news, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, business, culture, travel and more. Originally created in 2011, since its launch a little over 3 years ago, The HotJem has quickly grown to become the go-to-site for today’s modern Cameroonian and African who is classy, tech savvy and innovative and is looking for a plethora of information, quality content and beautiful aesthetics while getting educated, connected and aware of all the potential possibilities that Cameroon and Africa as a whole has to offer.

As an award winning blogger who has been featured on various online platforms and blogs, she takes pride in being one of the first female Cameroonians bloggers who immediately focused on identifying and promoting talents in the Cameroonian fashion and entertainment industry via as she saw a huge void in the lack of information online in this area. A mentor by heart, she has provided guidance to many of the newer Cameroonian bloggers who have reached out to her for advice on blogging when they just started.

Mbole’s vision is to connect companies, brands, products, talents and services to the right audience and consumers using digital media and marketing techniques and virtually connecting Cameroonians all over the world to Cameroon.

Follow Mbole and The HotJem: Online Magazine:; Twitter:; Facebook:

Top Five Professionals to Watch, Law Goodlife

Law Goodlife
Hip Hop Recording Artist

Atlanta – Unapologetically here to make a statement in Hip Hop, by way of Cameroon, West Africa, Good Life Music Group signee, Law Goodlife has spent countless hours tirelessly cultivating his craft, writing and perfecting his rhymes.

His diversity and unique flow is rare and reflects his struggles and it can be heard in his music. His first project “Came A Long Way” garnered attention in the streets. His highly anticipated upcoming project “No Love” is a testament to his continued growth and experience thus far. Law has managed to separate himself in an industry, where it seems everything has been done before.

The Atlanta emcee teamed up with Hip Hop Heavyweight Gucci Mane for “Know Me“, a single produced by super producer Zaytoven. When two notable emcees collaborate to a production from a known hitmaker, good music is sure to be the result.

Top Five Professionals to Watch, Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith
2x NFL Super Bowl Champion
Co-Founder: Battle of the Trenches
Partner: Coastal Drapes, Flat out of Heels, Pizza Bar, MeTime, IDLife

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, NFL star Anthony Smith has seen career highlights other players only dare to dream. A two-time Super Bowl Champion, Smith’s career is quite remarkable and has the makings of legendary status.

Anthony Smith started his professional career with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006. He quickly became known for his intense style of play and vicious tackles. A force to be reckoned with on the field, Smith continued to play with several teams, most recently spending a year with the Tennessee Titans.

Anthony achieved his two Super Bowl Championship titles with the Pittsburg Steelers in 2009 and the Green Bay Packers in 2010. This achievement is one Smith is especially proud of and holds in high regard. “The Championship is something most players dream to achieve. To be a part of a select group of exceptional athletes that have also reached this goal is rewarding and very humbling”.

When off the field Anthony enjoys spending time giving back to the community. He often speaks to the youth and strives to be a role model that the next generation can look to as a positive example. Not one to be in the tabloids or get into trouble, Anthony remains low-key and stays focused on improving his craft.

With many accomplishments already under his belt, Anthony was honored when he was inducted to the Hubbard High School Hall of Fame in Marsh 2012. “Being recognized by my hometown and the school where I attended felt amazing. To be able to go back and speak with the kids is an experience I will remember for years from, now”.

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