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35 Brazilian Quotes and Sayings You Will Not Forget Soon

Brazilian proverbs (provérbios) and sayings are  frequently used to direct the young and instill wisdom in generations. The following collection of Brazilian quotes and sayings (translated from Portuguese) offer words of affirmation and encouragement steeped in the cultural beliefs and spirituality of Brazilian people.

Brazilian quotes and sayings
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List of Brazilian Quotes and Sayings

1- Goodwill makes the road shorter.

2- Who sings throws sadness away.

3- The worst blind is the one who doesn’t want to see.

4- God writes straight by broken lines.

5- The trees with most leaves will not necessarily produce juicy fruit.

6- He who warns is a true friend.

7- Necessity makes the frog jump.

8- One who does not look ahead remains behind.

9- There’s always an old pair of slippers for the tired feet.

10- There’s no good that lasts forever nor evil that never ends.

11- You cannot cover up the sun with a sieve.

12- The one in a hurry, will have a raw meal.

Brazilian quotes and sayings
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13- In the house of a blacksmith the ornaments are made of wood.

14- He who desires everything, gets nothing.

15- The child of a fish is a little fish.

16- Poverty is not a crime, but it’s better not to show it.

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17- Between the beginning and the end there is always a middle.

18- If marriage were a good thing, there would be no witnesses.

19- Never poke a jaguar with a short stick.

20- For every ailing foot, there is a slipper.

Brazilian quotes and sayings
Maracatu performer by Marcos André

How much wisdom have you collected from these wise sayings so far?! We hope that you are nodding along.

More Brazilian Quotes and Sayings

21- Hope is the last one to die.

22- The cake is not for its baker, but for the eater.

23- A scalded cat is afraid of water.

24- The hand that caresses is the same that stones.

25- Passed waters can’t move the mills.

26- Love is blind, so you have to feel your way.

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27- In a closed mouth the flies can’t come in.

28- Love should be paid with love.

29- Walls have ears.

30- If it were ever to rain soup, the poor would only have forks.

31- Each head, a different judgement.

32- No one is a prophet in his own land.

33- The earth is not thirsty for the blood of the warriors but for the sweat of man’s labor.

34- You can only take out of a bag what was already in it.

35- Not even Jesus pleased everybody.

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