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Alison Sigethy’s Marine-Themed Sculptures are a Tribute to the Sea’s Beauty


Sea Core kinetic sculpture by Alison Sigethy
Sea Core kinetic sculpture by Alison Sigethy

Sculptor Alison Sigethy Brings Kinetic Glass Works to Richmond at Chasen Galleries

Sea Core Kinetics, the sculptor’s signature series, are colorful glass works created as an artistic tribute to the beauty and mystery of the sea.

These unique works of art by sculptor Alison Sigethy will be on display at Chasen Galleries in Richmond, Virginia, beginning in August.

Sigethy’s marine-themed sculptures are glass cylinders filled with handcrafted abstract glass pieces resembling the flora and fauna of the sea. Inspired by the core samples scientists take to study and monitor the oceans, the movement of underwater life.

Each sculpture is unique, incorporating as many as one hundred pieces of different sizes, shapes, and colors in a single tube. The components inside are made from a variety of glass, some of it salvaged, and shaped without the use of molds. The cylinders that house these forms are made from high-quality extruded glass tubing imported from Germany. Each Sea Core includes a custom pedestal with light source to beautifully illuminate the glass.

Three Sea Cores in lounge. Courtesy Artist's website
Three Sea Cores in lounge. Photo credit: Artist’s website

Alison Sigethy is a professional artist who works out of her studio in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. She graduated from Marymount University in Arlington with degrees in interior design and art history. Today, her work focuses on issues such as ocean conservation, sustainability, ecology and education.

Sigethy was approached by Chasen Galleries President, Andrew Chasen, to display her work in the Carytown gallery and has created several works specifically for the space. The Alexandria-based artist is excited to bring her work to the Richmond area and become part of the city’s rapidly expanding art scene. She says, “I’ve heard good things about Chasen Galleries and am very impressed with Andrew’s experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm, so I’m happy to have my work there.”

Chasen Galleries is located at 3554 West Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia. Gallery Hours are Monday through Saturday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Sundays by appointment only.

Source: Alison Sigethy; website:

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