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Legendary R & B singer Joe pays tribute to Adele in “Hello” – Listen


He’s got a voice that is hard to forget, and a name that has been around for many years. Joe’s gospel roots plus over 20 years in the industry dishing out soulful hits, has reserved the Columbus – Georgia born artist a spot among the elite as far as R&B legends go. The record breaking Hello is poised to go down in music history as one of the best songs ever made. In Hello released October 23 2015 after a 3 year break, Adele nails it vocally and visually. The internationally acclaimed song holds the record for shortest time to gain over 100 million YouTube views, it is also the first song ever to bring in over a million digital sales in one week.

So what can we expect when another great artist takes on the #1 hit?

Here’s Joe’s rendition of “Hello”

[youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]




[youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]






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