Goddess Of The Sea, Does She Exist? An ATS Production Documentary

goddess of the sea

Photo: Worshipers offer sacrifices at the beach to Mamiwata (goddess of the Sea) during an Festival in Ouidah, Benin, West Africa

For many centuries, mankind has had varying beliefs about the existence of marine entities such as sea and river goddesses, mermaids and mermans (male mermaids), sea serpents and other mysterious under-water creatures.

With three quarters of the earth made up of water, much of human life revolves around seas, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and even streams. One could argue that the functioning of many of today’s societies is largely influenced by century old spiritualism, cultural beliefs, traditions and myths, some of which are shaped around the existence of spiritual beings residing underneath these water bodies.

In some parts of Africa, the goddess of the sea is known as ‘mami-wata’ or ‘mamie-water’, translated as mother of the sea. In Brazil and Uruguay, she is known as Iemanja or Yemanja. Amphitrite was the Greek goddess queen of the sea.

While some of these rulers of the waters are beloved, some are feared.

The Nile Goddess,  Anuket was worshipped as her floodwaters brought water and silt that enabled the crops to grow. In contrast Ix Chel the Mayan deity was often feared for the destructive storms and tides that she brought. (

Filmmaker Alenne Menget in his documentary ‘The Mermaid “Mamie Water”‘ takes viewers to the Cameroonian coastal region of Limbe where sea goddess Nyango-namuna is believed to reside:

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