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On The Backburner: Book Review & Interview with Author Mirthell Bayliss-Bazemore

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The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.” – James Bryce

At DUNIA Magazine, we often receive books from published authors for reviews, interviews, gifts and sometimes, just to say “thank you”. Being an adept reader, this is one of the perks of the job I personally count as a blessing.

While the books we receive fall under many different categories, the editorial team agrees that it’s hard to resist a good! story … of which On The Backburner is one.

May 28, 2014 … America wakes up to sad news, legendary Poet and Author Maya Angelou has passed on. It is a development that saddens me to the innermost, having been inspired by the writings and steadfastness of Maya Angelou the woman, the mother, the daughter, the writer. Part of the day at the office is spent researching and sharing information with readers on social media and via email about the life and achievements of the legendary poet.

On The BackburnerLate into a sleepless night that evening, I pick up the book On The Backburner, a copy of which I had received in the mail a few days earlier. As I begin to read, I am immediately drawn in by this real life tale of two loves.

In “On The Backburner”, Oakland, California born author Mirthell Bayliss-Bazemore tells her story of finding new love and then losing it. It is a tale of basking and blossoming in the attention of a man who encourages her and makes her feel special. It is a tale of making difficult decisions and mutual plans for an exciting future, only to find herself lost and ‘On The Backburner’ with the sudden death of her lover. Meanwhile, the one who has loved her for decades – husband of almost 30 years with whom she has built a stable life and raised a family, all along is “sitting back to see how this would play out” he says (page 226).

On The Backburner is a deeply moving story about love and caution … gain and loss … joy and pain … heartache and healing, all at the same time. Upon reading On the Backburner, one experiences the happy rewards of letting go and daring to explore new grounds such as Mirthell’s journey with Colonel P, only to be reminded of the sweet sourness of life’s unexpected curve balls that can be thrown at us. For couples in long-term relationships that have somehow lost their spark, the book speaks of likely consequences of emotional and physical disconnect.

On the Backburner is a book written by a courageous woman – brave as to share intimate details and thoughts of a personal story, bold to have let her walls down for an experience of a lifetime, talented to have recounted it in a simple, relate-able style.

It is a book that will leave you wondering “what if she had, he had, they had?” On The Backburner will leave you asking, “why did this have to happen?”

As per the quote of James Bryce that I shared at the beginning, what did I take away from On The Backburner? That love is a beautiful thing, that a man who honors, uplifts and loves a woman is hard to resist, that God gives and then He takes, and that … true love is everlasting. What I find fascinating is that Mirthell finds these in two different men, side to side.

What are you likely to take away from the book? I encourage you to read On The Backburner … it is an unforgettable piece of literary work, and it is as real as it gets.

On The Backburner is published by Author House; number of pages 268. Available on Amazon

Mirthell Bayless-Bazemore

I had the pleasure of speaking with the author Ms. Bayliss-Bazemore about her book and what inspires her as a writer.

Who is Mirthell Bayliss-Bazemore in your own words?
As a humanitarian I love children and I am an advocate for kids who are bullied. I also find enjoyment by motivating others and encouraging writers to publish their work. I enjoy marketing, and marketing the work of others; especially literary work.

I am grateful and feel blessed that at a young age I was able to identify my talent, and now able to share my gift with the world.

Please, tell us a little bit about your family growing up
Growing up in a loving and strict Christian environment, I was the youngest of three children. My siblings were much older than I, therefore I had the luxury of being an only child at times. Both my parents were hard working, as my mother was a nurse and my father worked for the Naval Air Station as a technician. Their hard work in providing a comfortable way of living is where I inherit my work ethics.

However, as a child I was bullied; I felt isolated and found writing to be my solace and a way to express freedom. At an early age, it had become my way of life.

As a result of my isolation, I always kept my inner circle of friends to a minimum and always kept a journal.

You’ve been writing for many years now, how have you been able to keep your motivation for so long?
In my early years, writing had been my vice and outlet to express my freedom. As someone who suffered from depression, writing has been a form of healing.

On The Backburner is a very candid book, as an author did you struggle with sharing such personal experiences with the world?
Most parts of On the Backburner were easy to write. However, reliving the painful events and loss of love was difficult; but the story needed to be told. Often long time relationships suffer complacency and I hope this love story and marriage tool can help another couple who feels lost and ready to give up.

Tell us something about the other books you’ve written and what readers can expect in the near future
My catalog of writing’s is extensive. I have written over a hundred short stories over the past forty years. My other books are as follow: fictitious story House of Elliott series is a ten part series including: If I Die, You Die; The Ugly Side of Beauty; House of Elliott I, II and III; House of Elliott IV coming soon. The Daughters and Spirit of Harriet – which was a nationwide launch and includes fifty five authors/contributors with proceeds going to Children’s Hospital Oakland.

I am currently working on upcoming novel entitled: God Kept Me (collaboration).

In closing, what are some words of inspiration you’d like to share with DUNIA readers…
God gives us all talents, for some it might be one and others many. Identify the talent God has given you, and embrace it. Never be discouraged by the thoughts of others and never seek for anyone else approval. Surround yourself with likeminded people and follow your dreams.

When presented with obstacles, turn it into positive energy. Know your circle of friends and never give up.

My mission statement is as follows: “One book at a time, we will make a difference”.

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