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3 Mindset Changes Necessary For Success

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Success May Require Temporary Disorder

Temporary disorder is a condition sine qua non for peak progress in your finances, job or any endeavor.

When you decide to move into a bigger home, you unplug the TV and internet and stay without them for a while, throw your clothes in boxes and bin bags and pile rubbish in your once tidy living room as you wait for the removal people.

The same goes with any other change you want to make. Some people want to cling to their “stable” 14-hour-a-day factory job and still build a business through wishful thinking; it won’t happen.

Some love a bigger house for their kids with a playground but dread the discomfort of abandoning their current job and getting training that will give them their dream job. You cannot have your cake and eat it. You must entertain some disorder and discomfort to rise to the next level. It may be necessary for you to “force a crisis”, like resigning, to move to that higher level.

Oftentimes, we get stuck in a rut for fear that we will disintegrate when the apparent security ring around us is removed. The truth is that each time you take a bold step and come out of one comfort zone, you discover that it was not that difficult afterall.

Take a bold step today to embrace temporary discomfort and dare to jump to the higher level you have been wishing for for years. You would be glad you did.

Faith jumps, fear hesitates.

Change your subconscious blueprint

One of the main reasons for the huge discrepancy between what we want and the result we achieve is what I like to call SUBCONSCIOUS INHIBITION. Everything you are, do and have is a result of one and only one thing: HABIT.

I know this sounds simplistic, but someone’s life is about to change with this post. You wear your trouser starting from the right – or left foot just like you did 40 years ago. You apply cream to your body starting with your belly – or toes just like you did 53 years ago. You lack money like you did 15 years ago. You are scared of driving just like you were 4 years ago. Once you have practised any state for a period of time, it becomes fossilized and causes you to act on autopilot. In other words, you “just find yourself doing it all the time”.

Say you have lived without money most of your life. Your subconscious knows that that is your “nature” and it will do all to keep money away from you – failed projects, missed opportunities, and even downright rejection of job or business offers and opportunities which may change your life for the better.

A lot of the times, especially in Christian circles which I am used to, most Pastors offer what has become the staple diet – FASTING. The result is often quite the opposite. You cannot fast out the lack of money. You cannot fast out sex addiction. You cannot fast out any habit at all. Try it and you would agree.

The only way out of the conundrum is through “the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12;2). Your lack of money has NOTHING to do with an “ancestral curse”, your sins or with your failure to give a fat “prophetic offering” as is commonly preached in some Christian churches.

You need to change the subconscious blueprint and everything else will change.

The Cassette Tape Principle of Success

When you set your goals and start moving toward their achievement, one of the things you will contend with is confusion. The more confused you are, the better.

Confusion is a great sign that your old beliefs are being confronted and your subconscious is fighting back to keep you where you have always been. Relax. Do not despair and say “this is not working” or “it is not worth the effort”. Keep at it.

One thing worthy of note however, is to avoid mental coercion in any form – constant worry over the process, perfunctory prayers with no goal or frantic activity – to try and force the outcome.

You must function like a cassette tape recorder. Decide the end result you want. Tell your subconscious as simply and as clearly as possible to replace the old concept or object with the new. That’s all you need to do. “Too simple”, some may say.
But see where decades of loud, pointless prayer and fruitless activity have landed you! The cassette tape simply replaces old recording with the new.

The human mind is millions of times more intelligent that the cassette tape. Hold on to the end result and the process will take care of itself. Neville said “the acceptance of the end wills the means”.

Source: Success Academy TV

Gordon Hurd is a motivational speaker, gospel singer, goal setting expert and author of Christian Millionaire Secrets, a new book that challenges Christians to take back their God-given right to wealth. 


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