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DUNIA Gives Back: Atlanta Walk for CONGO

Dear Readers,

Since the inception of DUNIA Magazine, our goal every year has been to give back to the community in some way. Last year, we took up a cause for domestic violence by supporting the fundraising efforts involved in the making of Ninah’s Dowry and you helped make it a success.

This year, an even greater call is being made… a call we all cannot afford to say “NO” to, sparked by an article that was published right here on DuniaMagazine.com, written by Katherine Dabo. The call is to organize a Million Woman Walk for the women of Congo, where rape is being used as a weapon of a war that has been ongoing for over a decade.




DUNIA means WORLD. This year, we all citizens of the world, people of good conscience, are being called to speak up for the voiceless – innocent victims of a senseless war, caught up in what is being described as the worst humanitarian crisis of our times.

The Atlanta Walk for Congo will take place on March 23rd, 2013 at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart in downtown Atlanta, GA; starting at 10.00a.m. Starting point: 250 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 (Building 3, 1st Floor Exhibit Hall).

Katherine Dabo captures it in these words, “On March 23 2013 … our message will be very clear. WE ARE ALL CONGOLESE WOMEN AND WE ARE NOT FREE UNTIL ALL OUR SISTERS ARE FREE.

Ramona Tascoe captures the cause in these words posted on The Atlanta Million Woman Woman Walk Facebook page: “Dear FB Family. Please, pay attention to the call for our participation in the Atlanta Million Women March on March 23rd 2013 – It is designed to draw attention to the crisis in east Congo DRC as it continues to impact women, girls and children and families in particular. I know Congo seems so far away–out of sight, out of mind. But please know the power of your voice, even moreso, the power of your PRESENCE can be as effective as it was in the dismantling of Apartheid in South Africa. Rape and violence against our sisters, who struggle courageously to form family units, raise children, and survive the dangers and instability of war, continues to be the most effective weapon of those seeking wealth from precious minerals that support cell phones, laptops, and other critical technologies. If you cannot come, PLEASE, tweet, and share DAILY. Help up make this call to action go viral!!!

On how you can support, visit website www.womenarecore.org

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