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BOOK LAUNCH for ‘Donna Summer The Thrill Goes On – A Tribute’ by Nik A Ramli

It was a sunny autumn day in the heart of Mayfair. The launch of my book ‘Donna Summer The Thrill Goes On – A Tribute’ was held on 6th September at the Millennium Hotel in the Avista Bar. The classy location was fitting for the celebration of the life and work of an iconic star.

I was nervous and excited. It had been a lot of work to get to this point and I was hoping that all the people who said they were going to come would actually show up! I was preparing the layout of some pictures of Donna Summer from the book for guests to view when people started to arrive even before 6.00pm, the official start time.

It was indeed thrilling with Summer’s hits playing such as ‘Love To Love You Baby’, ‘I Got You Love’, ‘Drivin’ Down Brazil’ and a montage of her images displayed on a widescreen TV. As well as a ‘Visitors’ book, a white fabric photo album full of images of Donna Summer from my personal collection were exhibited for guests to view.

Popular music expert and broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, a UK celebrity chef Nancy Lam, ‘The Apprentice’ contender Raef Bjayou and others came to show support along with friends and clients.

Nancy Lam said “Donna Summer looks upon us and says they all love me… her spirit is with us… everybody is very emotional but doesn’t say it”.

‘Friends Unknown’, a song by Summer, was an apt description of the people who attended the event with some making new contacts and even catching up with old friends.

An air of excitement was generated by a lucky draw which consisted of ten goodie bags for ten lucky winners (which three lucky winners received a bigger bags) full of little treats including L’Occitane hand products for the three lucky winners, a Donna Summer double CD titled ‘Gold’ courtesy of HMV UK & Universal Music UK given three CDs, body sprays by The Body Shop, Nik A Ramli Interior Design given a brochure of interior design tips, a Donna Summer tote bag, mug, press release card, post card and book mark while a T-shirt with a picture of the book on the front provided by Ning catering, JMW House Of Heaven provide the chocolates and Blu’s Bakery provided three cup cakes.

Another highlight of the evening was the cake cutting; the cake which I ordered specially for the event was provided by my best friend and it looked fantastic. Delicious canapés were provided on the house and everyone received a complementary glass of sparkling wine and orange juice by JMW House Of Heaven.
After an introduction by the publisher, Book Guild Publishing there was a book signing and a brief welcome by me to a full house!

It’s a celebration of the late Donna Summer’s legacy, her musical achievements and of the book release. The event, originally planned to last no more than two hours ran on until 11.00 pm! After the excitement of the launch, it was nice to finally be able to sit down and catch up with the guests that had stayed behind.


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Information source: Nik A Ramli

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