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Professional secrets revealed: 9 Tips on How to Approach the Girl You Like

Life is a big, continuous networking event of men meeting women, and boys meeting girls. In these modern times, it’s becoming obvious that gone are the days when women used to wait at home for Mr Right to come knocking on the door asking for her hand in marriage. Single to single connections happen everywhere – in coffee shops, parties, weddings, libraries, bars, sporting events, church, restaurants, bookstores, or even in class.

Educated, accomplished, successful, and yet to find “the girl”? If you need help hitting on the girl of your dreams, here are a few tips by Maxim Magazine’s Jennifer Wright, aka The Pickup Actress on how to approach her:

A good fit. Tailor your behavior to suit different settings. “Picking up a woman at a bar is different from picking up a woman in the library”, says Jennifer. Women hanging out in bars are more likely to be receptive because they are looking to get approached, they didn’t just wander in to get a beer.

Make the first move. Attractive women expect to be approached, never expect her to approach you. That only happens if you’re James Bond, and even then she’s only after the microfilm.

Be bright. Guys show that you are intelligent, bright and have ideas. Make the girl feel like you don’t want to talk to her only because she’s hot. Women are instantly attracted to smart guys.

Ask opinion questions.  It is important to make the girl feel that her opinion matters, not just her looks. Draw her into a conversation with questions like, “Italy or Japan, which would you rather visit?” … and always agree with her, that sets you up as a team.

Pay attention to what she’s saying and don’t flatter her just because you’re looking to get laid. Pay her the right compliments; don’t over-do it and do not challenge her either. Women don’t generally hop into bed with a guy just to prove that they are attractive; if they do, it shows a lack of self confidence.  Zoning out on her will have her checking out on you immediately.

Seek help! Guys, consider enlisting the help of a female friend to go up to the girl you like on your behalf and say something like, “I’m sorry, but my friend thinks you’re really cute.” It always works.

Shift the Focus. Don’t focus on the super hot girl. Go for one of her friends. They [the friends] will  like you more because they are sick of men only hitting on her. And she’ll wonder why you’re not hitting on her. Women like guys they can’t completely figure out.

Make it meaningful. Don’t think of her as someone you’re trying to date; just think of her as someone you’re spending a few minutes hanging out with. “Just see if you like the same restaurants, not if you want the same number of children,” advises Jennifer. She’ll be left wanting more.

Dress well. Avoid slogan T-shirts and go for a button-down shirt, fitted jeans and shoes that aren’t sneakers. A good first impression will make her like you.

Have any tips to share? Leave a comment.

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