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Nik’s Tips For Designing A Comfortable Home

By Nik A Ramli; Twitter @Nikaramli

Here are a few tips for designing a comfortable home:

a) HOME:
Love your home. Your home is yours, be comfortable with the space and design. It to satisfy you, not others. Do not copy 100% from a catalogue or design books. You need to inject your own personality into your home. Learn from what you have seen and ask yourself, “Is this me?” or “Is this how I want people to see me?” Purchase items that genuinely fit into your budget.

If you are using a catalogue or a design book for inspiration, be sure to choose furniture that is of suitable size for the room in which you are going to put it. For example, a sofa needs to be comfortable for you to sit on with the right size (width, depth, height) besides just looking fabulous. You need space to walk around the room! If your furniture is too big, you will lose the beauty of the piece you have chosen. Remember furniture always looks better on the shop floor because the floor space is almost always bigger than your own home.

As an example, if you are introducing a patterned curtain, I would suggest that you get a plain textured wallpaper; or if you are going to paint the wall, select one of the colours from the fabric. This will avoid miss matching for the design scheme. Still, careful use of patterns will make the room look luxurious even with a combination of both patterned wallpaper and curtains.

Remember, dressing up a room is as important as you wanting to look desirable and fabulous when you go out and about. Attractive table lamps will provide that romantic, sophisticated feel in the evening.

Mirrors will emphasise the illusion of space, making a room look bigger; during the day they brighten up a room by reflecting daylight.

Vases, throws and scatted cushions will provide the WOW factor. Another way to have that comfortable home is by making sure the air in the room is fresh through out. Use fresh flowers, candles or oil burners to provide scent! When you walk into the room… the smell surely will put a smile to your face.

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