Making it against all odds and Finding my Purpose: Dr Aletha Warren

A native of Oakland, CA, I was raised by a single mother. As the youngest in my family, many times it felt like I was an only child due to the fact that my sister and 3 brothers were older, and practically out of the my mother’s home while I was growing up. My brothers were incarcerated for a large portion of my life, so time with them was far and in between, if any at all. While my sister was at home with my mother and I for a minute during part of my childhood, she eventually transitioned into a life with her own family. In essence, during those times, I felt very alone and fearful, due to tumultuous situations in my home.

Through a series of events, I transitioned to live with my great-grandmother. My mother thought it was best, based on the traumatic events of the environment I had been exposed to: house police raids, physical family altercations, several funerals, etc. But despite all of this, I always knew there was more to life. I began to find hope from reading the Bible and attending church regularly. By the age of 14, I was conducting home bible studies. And that was my beginning…that was my path to success beyond what I had experienced.

It became common for people to contact me for the wisdom and insight for various situations in their lives. And surprisingly to me at such an early age, I had answers! It was then I began coaching and didn’t even know it. This followed me into college, as I became well known for giving advice and answers to perplexing questions for many. However, paying my way through school, and using grants and loans left me in a deficit without the possibility of completing my degree. But I was determined to get my education at any cost; I was determined to be the trailblazer.

So there I stood, with a decision: quit altogether or persevere. I chose the latter. Through a series of events and unusual occurrences, including evictions and homelessness, I found myself in arenas with CEOs, Wall Street professionals, and successful business owners, who recognized the natural business and leadership skills I had acquired over the years. They began to take the time to develop the gifts by personally mentoring me in business leadership and entrepreneurial skills. I never bribed to acquire status or position, nor did I “sleep” my way to the top, as some do. But I stand as a proud, bold, woman of sexual purity, business integrity, and personal and professional success. And today, I have established 3 successful businesses with a 4th in view, and an honorary Doctorate in Executive Business and Leadership from Prineston University. Success is a state of mind, a course of action, and a will to win.

This is what I believe and my business partner, Tiffany Candyce and I teach at VIP International, our life coaching company. We believe that success supersedes life’s circumstances, poor decisions, and present situations; it is all about what you do in the NOW. So now is the time to make the decision to excel, no matter what has happened in your life. I found the answer, now I assist others.

Written by Dr Aletha Warren

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