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Unlike in the U.S. the television is not supposed to be the main focal point in the room. In Feng Shui it is believed to cause harm to the communication with the family and friends. In the U.S. it is fine because of the energy it pulls in, but make sure your placement is proper.

Colors in Feng Shui

Colors in Feng shui are very important. If a living room is in a single color, small areas of stimulation are necessary. Too much fabric can hold dust and fade, creating stagnant energy, but in a room where people gather certainly make the room feel cozy. Undressed windows have a cold feeling. Just as too much earth to the room can make the family depressed. So, keep as much natural light and the room well vented as possible.

Paintings & Objects

We should always be aware of the effect of the images with which we surround ourselves, since they reflect our inner selves. Gruesome images and spiky objects can reflect inner turmoil. Where, bells, rainbows and pictures of seasons will reflect inner peace. Use your space to create a positive atmospheres.

Living rooms and family rooms should be a place for family – this is not the place to show/place weapons of any kind. You want this space to reflect each and every person that lives in the home. This is a place to reflect pleasant and harmonious themes.

In Corners

Oval objects prevent stagnation in an otherwise gloomy corner.

Round coffee table: A round coffee table will ensure that the conversation will not get too serious. It is important that the contents of the home, especially the communal areas, should be balanced and reflect the lives of all the members of the home. If our working lives are hectic, our living rooms should reflect our desire for a peaceful haven.

Now if you are a lonely person use this room to reflect your need for companionship and remove all single images such as pictures of lone figures, ornaments should be grouped in pairs, and the room should be used to create a positive energy.

Where we share our homes with friends, with a partner, or as part of a family, we need to create personal spaces within which we feel comfortable and where we can express ourselves.

Relationships with those whose horoscopes or numbers are in conflict with our own, we are all familiar with the phrase “opposites attract”. But this may suggest that one partner should live in an east end of the house and the other at the west end of the house. But we have to be practical. Where the energies of a house favor one occupant more than the other, it is important to take this into account and enable the others to express themselves within the house and to position them in a favorable direction. That might be the bed or when working or just relating.

Dinning Room

Dining rooms may be inside or outside, but is a place where the Chinese like to use mirrors. Mirrors to the Chinese make the food double and this is a sign of wealth. Dining rooms should be in a bright and stimulating color to whet the appetite. The color does not have to be on the walls but on the table cloth or napkins. Lighting should be chosen with care to complement the food and not cast shadows over the table. Candle light is for two, not a large party.

High back chairs with arms are preferred; this represents the supportive Tortoise, Tiger and Dragon formation. Sitting positions are considered to be very important. The prime position in the room should have a solid wall behind them and a view of the door. The most vulnerable positions are towards a door behind them, followed by seats with their backs to a window.

Table shapes are also important. A round table tends to make the guest leave early, because of the chi spinning around them. While a square table allow more stability. Rectangular tables are difficult as who is at either end tend to feel left out. The bests shaped tables are octagonal, which not only enable guests to interact with everyone else on the table, but also represent the Cosmos as reflected in the Bagua.

hope all of my Feng Shui tips will help you encourage more wealth and positive energy into your home and life!

Courtesy Maddonna Staging

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